Kathy Pierce

How to Use Depreciation to Make Your Rental Project Viable

22 October 2018
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If you've decided to buy some rental properties so you can diversify your investment portfolio, you may believe that you are onto a winner. However, some of your well-meaning friends may question your sanity as they cannot imagine how you can make any money at all from this type of venture. After all, they may say, the marketplace is very competitive, it's difficult to charge the proper amount of rent and you have to put all of your earnings back into the pot to take care of damage and repairs. Read More …

4 Tips to Keep Your Small Business Financial Records in Order

26 September 2018
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The success or failure of your business depends on how well you handle the finances that you receive or generate. If you don't keep meticulous records, not only do you risk liability from not fulfilling legal requirements but also you won't know how your business is performing and what areas need improvement in order to grow. This article discusses common accounting questions raised by small business owners and provides tips to help you manage your books for financial success. Read More …

3 Considerations to Have in Mind Before Buying Construction Liability Insurance

10 September 2018
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So many things can go wrong on a construction site. Accidents can occur as workers and other stakeholders go about their business. The only thing that's worse than accidents and injuries is working on a site without liability insurance. That's because you will be liable for any property damages, accidents, and personal injuries suffered on your construction site. If you have not hedged yourself against these risks, you can incur thousands of dollars in damages. Read More …